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Experiments and Projects

Generally the space is open to any projects that members may wish to conduct (within limits!). We currently operate within an area restricted by space and have a finite amount of equipment, however we encourage members to be resourceful as well as respectful to the space and other members of community. Here are examples of projects which have been conducted at Bristol Biohack. 

Slime mould - Physarum polycephalum

The Slime mould, Physarum polycephalum, is a fascinating organism to record and watch in time lapse! In the plasmodium form, it is single celled organism which contains thousands of individual nuclei that act together to migrate the cell searching for food, usually feeding on bacteria and fungal spores. At Bristol Biospace, we've been feeding it porridge oats and using different set ups with the Raspberry pi to capture at time lapse of it growing. Check out our videos!

Mycelium – Replacement for polystyrene packaging

Mycelium is fungus material consisting of hyphae, a bit like mushroom tendrils. There are many uses for mycelium, but we’re looking at growing it in moulds to create all sorts of different shapes, ultimately investigating what it takes to create a sustainable alternative to polystyrene packaging. We’re trying out different substrates and incubation methods to find out what works best, as well as trying to find a decent mushroom to start our mycelium (supermarket-bought king oyster mushrooms seem to work best so far).

Crested Gecko night timelapse


A Bristol Biohack member has built a timelapse night vision camera using a Raspberry pi to see what his Gecko gets upto at night! Temperature and humidity data was also captured using DHT11 sensors all controlled with Python.

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