Bristol Biohack

A member of Bristol Hackspace.


The Bristol Biohack is organised by members of the Bristol Hackspace. We are a social enterprise which aims to open up technology and biology to anybody who takes an interest in it.

Benjamin Taylor.

Co-founder. Permanently curious about how things work! Very good at breaking things, less good at getting them back together! But always learning in the process! Interested in microbiology, environmental science, programming, data science and hacking!

John Willis

Co-founder. The man that has survived a million encounters with cyanide! Amateur astronomer, tinkerer and supplier of chemistry sets!

Imi Votteler

Also known as the 8-bit wonder, he is only able to communicate through terminal commands and the nearest thing to English he knows is 'Vorsprung durch Technik'  

Libby Miller

New to biofilms, inveterate builder of twitterbots and other shonky robots, recovering economist!

Emily Gover

A lost North American who has somehow found herself part of the Bristol Biohack. A fully qualified veterinarian who keeps a sharp eye on our Biohack ethics!

BV Studios

Studio G11

37 Philip Street





Thinking of visiting us?


Please come along to our free public open evening on Thursday nights starting @ 1900 hrs.


If you would like to become a member of Bristol Biohack, we generally meet on a Wednesday @ 1900 hrs.


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